Scott Fiori – The Plumbing Maestro of San Diego is Today’s Honoree

ScottPlumberScott Fiori – The Plumbing Maestro of San Diego has the courage to pursue his dream. Generations and generations before him have indulged in the plumbing profession and he has the skill running  through his veins. It’s a matter of intuition, a matter of true vocation and yet a matter of personal choice. Regardless how that may sound: plumbing is hardly a roller-coaster ride, but what he does he does it with style. I have rarely seen a person that is so devoted to those he services and attends to. He does not have a “client” word in his vocabulary or at least he never treats those who call him for assistance as such. He is
there because you need him and if it was about the money I would hardly understand how he could be able to stay on the phone for hours, explaining to a home owner how to fix his drain and pipe issues, while at the same time he is working on a project over another property.

Scott is always there when needed, placing his free time and rest in second place for he knows that when needed he would do anything to help out.

He is an ordinary man, but in today’s word his kindness and dedication are qualities that the majority would envy, or at least lack.

I think that good things in live are the simple ones and we are only happy when we are able to appreciate them. In this case I appreciate a character that is hard to find  and offers nothing but selfless guidance and help. Such valuable person is Scott himself and I think that he deserves to know that what he does is highly appreciated. Thank you for letting me express my genuine gratitude to him.

Words of Encouragement by David Drasnin. Visit Scott Fiori for more information.

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  1. Plumbing is really a tough job and I trust only the best plumbers in town as always for my family.

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