Pure Speed CEO Jasper Cain is Today’s Honoree

jasperPURE SPEED, LLC, has been established since 1997. Under the watchful eye of its visionary Jasper L. Cain Jr. He is the President and CEO. He has 18 years of experience in playing and training. He attended Clark Atlanta University where he received his bachelor and master degrees. He has trained several players such as Stevie Baggs #55 OLB Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Michael Johnson Cincinatti Bengals LB #93, and Kregg Lumpkin Green Bay Packers RB #22. He specializes in speed and strength training propelling the athlete to elite status. Jasper has been able to shave off .2 to .9 seconds or more on an individuals 40-yard time with various training techniques.

PURE SPEED, LLC, is one of the top growing programs in the country based in Atlanta. PURE SPEED has a reputation of making things happen for athletes and their dreams. PURE SPEED has help several athletes from recreation to professional to reach their top level in the sports of football, basketball, soccer, track and field, and baseball. PURE SPEED is first based on building the individual as an all around person. From there it goes to the training. PURE SPEED has had the most success with helping the NFL, CFL, AFL, and NIFL players. Increasing their speed, agility, quickness, eye to hand coordination, memory, and strength. In all, to make the player a complete player.

Speed kills and thrills. Timing is everything in life. The right time in your 40-yard dash will bring life to your dream. Get fast, then faster, and then WOW!!

PURE SPEED, LLC, would like to offer you a chance to make your dream come true. How much does your dream means to you? Are you willing to make it happen no matter what? A dream does not cost a dime, but to make it happen can be pricey. How much are you willing to put down on it? Do you want to give your dream to someone else? So, here is the question I have been building up to. If it is going to happen to someone, why not you? If it is going to be a time to make it happen, there is no better time than now.

Visit Jasper Cain for more information.

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