Melanie Koerperich of Milrich Associates is Today’s Honoree

MelanieKMilrich Associates, LLP, based in Blanchard, Idaho has been serving clients since 2009 with our founders and offer a variety of services at a low hourly rate.  We take pride in being an American-based company providing virtual services throughout the world.

We offer competitive hourly rates for exceptional work. Our highly skilled and experienced contractors enjoy the flexibility of working from home.  This allows our professional contractors to have the freedom and energy to provide quality, specialized work. Our contractors have varied personal backgrounds that include veterans, retirees, physically challenged, and stay at home parents.  Milrich Associates recognizes the fact that knowledge and professional skills transcend a person’s physical and personal situations.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce our co-owner and co-founder, MELANIE KOERPERICH!  From the lovely mountains of Colorado you will find our fearless leader working and keeping over 40 of us in line!  Melanie lives in Fort Collins (where we are headquartered and talk about convenient!) with her hubby Ben, their 2 dogs and 1 cat.  She LOVES her work!  In fact almost everyday, day or night, she is working on making Milrich Associates, LLP all that it can be.  She sounds like a superhero to us! Now if only we could prove that she wears a cape…

Before Milrich, Melanie worked as a virtual assistant for many clients, some that we even still have today.   And back in the day she was a competitive roller skater and she is a classically trained pianist!  Too bad YouTube wasn’t around then, because that would make some great footage for the company Christmas party, if we had one!  She loves the color green, hence our logo. She has plans to watch the Summer Olympics, especially swimming, diving, and gymnastics. And one time she met Marilyn Manson, and lived to tell the tale! If by some miracle Melanie were to pull herself away from her work, it would be to go to VEGAS!  Ok, she has family there, but hey it is still Vegas! So everyone raise their glass to the masked woman behind Milrich and sing, “HI MELANIE!!!!!”

Visit Melanie for more information

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