Beauteous Black Author Marilyn Bradford is Today’s Honoree

MarilynBradfordAn extraordinary author and entrepreneur with over two decades of diverse professional experience in the publishing field, Marilyn Bradford has routinely demonstrated the passion, vision, dedication and diligence necessary to be successful in the business world.

As a result of her sensational body of work as well as the enormous amount of success she has experienced throughout her career in the publishing industry and as a business owner, Marilyn Bradford has earned recognition in the distinguished network of celebrated professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Inspired by the stories her mother told her in her childhood, Marilyn has gone on to become a master storyteller and author of prose, plays, and fairytales. She began her journey into the publishing world in 1991 when she self-published a booklet of prose entitled, Sayings by Me. Marilyn is also a successful playwright and producer of one act plays. The plays she has produced include the titles Farewell Old House, Ruthie, The Bar, and Bobby Shadrack.

BeauteousBlackFinally in August of 2012, Marilyn published her first book of fairy tales which is entitled, Beauteous Black and the Mysterious Forest, which tells the story of a Moorish girl as she makes her way through a mysterious forest on a fantastical journey that brings her to face some of the biggest challenges in her life. After her three sisters, who are filled with jealousy of her beauty, leave her in the middle of a mysterious forest that is filled with danger, Beauteous must find her way out with the help of a group of friendly talking animals.

In addition to the books she has already written and plans on continuing to write, Marilyn runs a modeling troupe of women over forty and has developed a product line that goes along with her Beauteous Black book. Over the course of her incredibly impressive career, she has been the recipient of numerous accolades, including being honored in 1996 as one of the “100 Most Inspirational Black Women” in Los Angeles.

Visit Marilyn Bradford for more information.

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  1. It is a pleasure to see Marilyn Bradford being honored for all her hard work!

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