Coach Farhana Dhalla is Today’s Honoree

FarhanaFarhana means “happy” in Arabic. And my blood-type is B+. So in some ways I think I have always been ordained for a particular lens in which to view life.

I have 2 older brothers that notoriously teased me and played pranks on me growing up so I was indoctrinated pretty early in the ‘don’t take things so seriously’ kind of attitude.

I have over 70 first cousins. Weddings and funerals bring us physically together but we are a pretty close bunch even though we are scattered across the globe. We counted up the languages within my family. There are 14 languages among us! And… sadly, I have only English. Unless you count Pig Latin.

I was brought up as an Ismaili Muslim… an esoteric faith that is closely aligned with Sufism. So the understanding of Divine Love, the expression of Spirit in Nature, the Oneness Field and poetic love affairs with the Great Divine were all very easy concepts for me to grab onto as I delved into my own spiritual journey.


I wear many hats… all of life’s experiences and putting into practice the culmination of courses and workshops over the years now makes for a lovely palette of offering.

As a parent, a coach, a self-discovery junkie, corporate trainer, inspirational speaker, author, public speaking coach, marketer, spiritual being, business strategist, idea machine, intuitive and a healer in a variety of different modalities, I bring ALL of me to my sessions with you.


It wasn’t until I was at an event with some pretty stellar people whose work I have greatly admired, gave me their rapt attention when I took the stage and their shiny eyes confirmed to me that the messages – that they had probably heard before given their expertise – were hitting home in a way they had never experienced before.

Their comments to me afterwards were so glowing that it took THAT moment for me to recognize a talent of mine that had been generously giving to me my whole life.  Funny how we do that to ourselves; discounting our natural talents because they comes easily.

Over the years I have delivered speeches to government bodies, delivered training to over 10,000 people, MC’d fundraisers, spoken to book clubs, mommy groups, delivered speeches as president of my student body and later, president of my alumni and trained many people to do the same.

Visit Farhana Dhalla for more information.

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