Visionary Millionaire Pejman Ghadimi is Today’s Honoree

PejmanPejman Ghadimi is a millionaire and visionary like none other. He spends 15 hours a day working on Secret Entourage and provides free coaching to kids everywhere almost every day, even sometimes as late as 10PM.

Even though he has money, he could always be looking to make more and instead he works all day long to make a difference in people’s lives, and he never wants credit for his work.

About Pejham:

I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1982 but I only spent a very small amount of my time there before my family was pushed out of the country due to the revolution. My mom and I found ourselves as refugees of the Iranian revolution in Paris, France where we spent the next 11 years. After countless attempts to come to the United States, our wish was granted and we headed to Los Angeles, California for the next two years. Shortly after, we traveled once more but this time within the states and ended up in Northern Virginia where the majority of my life came together. I moved to Boca Raton, Florida when I turned 29 in order to escape the cold climates of Virginia. I do, however, still own properties in VA and South FL.
Which university did you attend?

My education ended with my high school diploma as I always believed that you can only learn from those that have been there, rather than textbooks. If I had an opportunity today, I certainly wouldn’t go back to school nor care to get a degree. All can say is that if you plan to skip college, make sure you have a plan and you are willing to work harder to get there. The only difference is that you’ll have a head start from those going to college and you won’t have any debt, so make it count!

How did you earn your stripes?

Most of my younger years, starting at 14, were spent working in sales, management, and leadership roles. I spent the biggest part of my corporate life working for a major bank in which I managed to earn a Vice President title at the young age of 21 without any education or previous banking experience.

In 2004, I founded VIP Motoring, a luxury lifestyle concierge service. I grew my first offline venture to a six figure revenue company with no partners or support. I did so on the sole merit that I was passionate about luxury lifestyle, was part of it, and knew how important customer service truly was. I treated my clients like family and in return, they always trusted me like family.

In 2006, I started Secret Consulting. A business dedicated to teaching others how to be successful but more importantly, focused on teaching executives and business owners how to succeed. Most of my business focused on corporate leadership training, start-up support and entrepreneur fundamental training. I later expanded to private mentorship and provided lifestyle coaching to executives and affluent personalities.

In late 2006, I launched Secret Entourage in an effort to help create change in the world we live in. People called me crazy and called my idea stupid, but yet I believed that I could help make a difference for people. The site focused on providing free support, motivation, and inspiration to Generation Y. Secret Entourage evolved from an idea to a full-blown platform that is highly accepted by the entrepreneur community as of today. It combines lifestyle with business to bring a new level of innovation to a previously stale and outdone genre.

Visit Pejman Ghadimi for more information

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