Trust Your Intuition Author Jenni Wilson is Today’s Honoree

JenniWilsonJenni Wilson, Natural Medicine Mom, is a master herbalist, wife of an ER doctor and mother to 7 children. She teaches women (and a few brave dads) how to use natural tools, and especially essential oils, to care for their families and enjoy more confidence, control and effectiveness in their home health care. She is an author, speaker and natural medicine coach for moms.

What inspired you to write Trust Your Intuition?

When I hit a wall with my personal health problems and healthcare I discovered there was many different ways to practice medicine and some natural methods are really excellent. There are so many people with serious health problems that don’t know how to get to the root of their problem in order to really heal. I used to be stuck in a box, thinking that conventional medicine was the only way to do things, and I know many people still think that way. I wanted to share some stories of real-life women who have found their own solutions, that inspire people to know that there are other types of medicine and care that are effective.

Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story?

Influential women who educate the world through the Internet and blogs, about principles of healthy living, self-reliance and happiness.

Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers?

It’s fun to hear the true, engaging stories of 25 women who have taken control of their own wellness and chosen a different path then many people might choose. Some of the stories are heart wrenching, others are highly informational, but all are inspiring.

How is your book relevant in today’s society? Today we have choices, especially in Western society. Many of us do not even know how many choices we have. Sometimes we don’t realize something is broken until we see an example that is much better than what we are currently experiencing. Then we can choose a new way to live. The stories in “Trust Your Intuition,” offer just that. Examples of real-life ingenuity when convention wasn’t working.

Visit Jenni Wilson for more information.

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