Radio Host Denice Rivera is Today’s Honoree

DeniceRiveraAs far as I can remember, I have always felt the call to serve and make a difference on a global scale, especially as a teenager. So, because of my family’s military background, it was no wonder that at 15yrs old I made the decision to join the military and 4 days after graduating from high school, I was off on my first big adventure!

I became a communications intelligence analyst for the US Navy and had a successful 9 1/2yr career. After I left the military, I went back to familiar surroundings, but this time, I became a government contractor for 5+ years supporting national level agencies. It was towards the last couple of years as a contractor, when I heard the calling of something greater and decided to embark on my next journey…to find my life purpose. A lot of people thought I was crazy, especially my family. How could I leave my prestigious job working for these 3 and 4 letter national level agencies? More importantly, how could I leave my 6-figure income I had worked so hard to get? At the time, I was in my early 30’s with no college degree, yet I owned my own home, my young son attended private school and wanted for nothing. We went on exotic vacations, I had a different sport or luxury car every 2-3yrs, I pampered myself regularly and I was ready to walk down the isle with my dream guy. According to everyone, I was living the American dream. So, why was I unhappy? Why did I have this huge void I couldn’t fulfill that continued to grow and expand, no matter how much money I made, what I bought or had? For about the last two years of working as a contractor, I remember being late almost every day. I use to park my car and sit in the lot for about 10-15min starring at the building, dreading having to go in. I felt like a piece of my soul was dying every time I went to work. It actually went against all logic. I was getting paid well, my company was, at the time, the largest employee-owned company in the US. They treated me very well and loved the work I was doing, just as much as the client, which happened to be a large, national-level government agency. Because they were so happy with my work, I received cash bonuses from my company every year in addition to my raises and I received written recognition from the client. From the outside, it looked perfect. Yet, there was something stirring inside me that was too big to ignore, no matter how much I tried.

I was missing purpose in my life, meaning. Yes, I loved my son and family and friends. It was actually greater than the sum of all. I was missing my soul’s purpose. The whole reason I came into this world, except that I had no idea what that was. My inner voice had been drowned for so long with my mind chatter on what I was suppose to be, do and have that I couldn’t make heads or tails of my inner voice. I had been condition by society, like everyone else, to work hard, buy a lot of stuff and you’ll achieve the happiness you seek. Well, that is the grand illusion most of us buy into, because we trust our human 5 senses and forget about our 6th, or Divine inner guidance system. I call it, my internal security alarm system or gut feeling. So, I decided to follow my gut feeling and “jump ship”, “jump off the cliff” and go in search of my purpose. I had absolutely no idea what that was, but I knew I couldn’t continue doing what I was doing. My soul was dying and it was literally a matter of life and death, as far as I was concerned. I HAD to save my soul! And so I jumped off the cliff and my journey began.

During this journey I fell flat on my face…at first. I faced challenges of poverty, homelessness, isolation from my family, friends and support group. The light in me that had shone so brightly, became so dim, it was painfully obvious to those who knew me well. I couldn’t hide it, my fire was almost completely extinguished, but I had no choice but to keep moving forward because that inner voice would not let me quit, even though some days it looked like the best option. It was so painful, there were times I just wanted to go to sleep and not ever wake up.

Like all journeys, there were highs and lows. On the high end, I met countless of amazing women from completely different career paths that I would not have otherwise met, had I stayed in my same career path. That’s when I started realizing my passion and purpose was connected to working with women. I learned so much from these women and so I started a real estate investment company, a network marketing company and later became a business consultant for small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits. Most importantly, I learned the effect women can have and do have in our world. I believe women are natural-born teachers, mentors, healers of society and our world. When a woman learns something she deems of value, she shares it with her friends, her children, her life partner and her family without a second thought. It’s an innate quality in women. We don’t hoard information that could be valuable to others, we share it. That’s the true beauty of a woman, her willingness to do for others, her willingness to help and teach and guide and nurture. This is how women influence their families, their friends, society and the world. This is extremely powerful, especially in today’s world and the reason behind the Dalai Lama’s quote, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” I would venture to say women in general, because I believe that with all my heart. As women, we have forgotten our value, our strength and power. This is what helped me ignite my fire and passion for life once again.

This journey brought me full circle to my communications roots and now I see that everything I endured has led me here, to you. I decided to use my communications skills and background to broadcast my message to women. You can live a life with passion and purpose. I’m here to remind you to ignite that fire within and do what you came here to do, what your soul is calling out for. Everyone has a different path to take in life, but your soul knows exactly what that is.

The Denice Rivera Show, “Girl on Fire” is all about helping women live fuller, richer lives by empowering them to live their passion and purpose, while giving them tips on how to monetize it and pay it forward, making a difference in society. I am the Pathfinder. I will guide you in finding your path and illuminate the way, by providing resources to help in your journey of self-discovery. It’s not just a mission ladies…this is a movement for our next step in evolution! So join me, “Embrace that Girl on Fire and live with passion and purpose!”

Visit Denice Rivera for more information.

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