Public Relations Expert Cier Black is Today’s Honoree

CierBlackCier Black has made a commitment to the Atlanta small business market.  She is a PR Professional and Founder of Building Bridges for Small Business (BB|SB), a movement she has begun in Atlanta.

In serving the small business market as a pr professional, Cier recognized this market was underserved and not informed about the public relations industry or the impact it has upon the success of a thriving business.  “I feel these small business owners are at a disadvantage not knowing how public relations can increase a company’s profits.”

As a result of her findings, Cier founded BB|SB, a ‘Small Biz Advocacy Community’ designed to provide owners viable resources they need to strengthen their company’s foundation and provide insight to the pr industry via pr seminars, webinars, and workshops, ensuring costs are budget friendly!  “It is my goal to provide insight and easy to implement strategies the small business owner may apply immediately into their business plan.”

LaCier Black, CEO of Cier B. Public Relations has over 15 years of experience in the field of mass communications.  “Communication is truly an art, and I thrive on being the curator!”

Cier’s passion has always been speaking on behalf of others – promoting products and services – within Corporate America.  Today, her passion is providing public relations services persuasively representing non-profit organizations and is an advocate for small business owners. Her recent initiative, Building Bridges for Small Business, is earmarked to help connect and build the bridge each small business owner needs to travel from small business startup to a profitable viable organization contributing to economic growth and job creation.

Cier B. Public Relations (CB|PR) is an Atlanta based full serviced PR Boutique, specializing in media relations, community outreach, and identity branding services found within the pr industry.  “I am determined to make an impact to small biz owners in Atlanta!”

CB|PR missionis to grant clients the platform they need in order for their organization to succeed.  Their vision isto ensure smaller markets retain their claim to entrepreneurship by offering a stage to tell their story. To safeguard dreams is the epitomized charge of this Chic PR Boutique!  “Once you open your business we want to make sure you stay in business!”

Visit Cier Black for more information.

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