Philanthropy Advisor Jon Sahn is Today’s Honoree

JonSahlJon Sahn is teaching charities the power of generational giving, which will help to keep nonprofits funded forever. He also educates on topics of generational giving, family philanthropy and legacy.

Take a moment to determine what truly inspires you.

Now combine that with philanthropy. Giving back is about linking passion with action and it doesn’t have to be complex. A big part of the legacy you leave is how it includes and impacts the next generation. What is better than investing in your own values, community, and society while strategically giving time and money to the things you care most about?

Ascendant planned giving helps individuals, families, charitable organizations and small businesses to plan, assess and manage their charitable endeavors. Ascendant also helps families integrate philanthropy into their lives, while showing nonprofit organizations how to use active and realistic tools to build, market and maintain Planned Giving Programs. Ascendant works with donors to make their giving more strategic, effective and enjoyable.

You get what you give. It is important to inspire more individuals, families, companies and organizations to become intensely involved in philanthropy. Not only will it change your life, but someone else’s life too.

About Ascendant Planned Giving:

Jon Sahn President, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy(r), Ascendant Planned Giving. Inc.
Ascendant Planned Giving, Inc. is a philanthropic advisory practice based in South Florida serving clients nationally. We work with individuals, families, charitable organizations, and small businesses helping them plan, assess and manage their charitable endeavors.

Visit Jon Sahn for more information.

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