Pet-Loving Entrepreneur Andy Peck is Today’s Honouree

AndyHouseSitterEvery year, thousands of dogs and cats are packed into cramped, inhumane boarding kennels while their owners go away on vacation. In most cases, kennels and catteries are a last resort for pet owners; very few people want to see their pets caged up while they go away. Unfortunately however, this is often the only option most pet owners have, both financially and due to a lack of nearby humane pet services.

Today’s honouree Andy Peck has spent the last three years working on a solution to this worldwide problem. The result: an online community of pet lovers worldwide. helps pet owners find someone who will come and live in their home and look after their pets while they’re away. Unlike a commercial pet sitting service, money is rarely exchanged; those who pet sit use it as an option to travel, in a lot of cases to other countries. It’s a win-win situation: the pet owner gets someone to look after their home and pets (usually for free) and the pet sitter gets a vacation without the cost of vacation. The biggest winner of all though is the pets who get looked after in their own home by caring, animal-loving individuals.

Despite most of the pet sitters on the site offering their pet minding services for free, the quality and calibre of pet sitter has been described as equal if not better that of any professional pet sitting service as evident from the thousands of reviews left for those who have pet sat. Since its launch has also received coverage from thousands of major publications worldwide including the Boston Globe, BBC, Huffington Post, and Sydney Morning Herald.

Peck has also found favour with another group of people – long term travellers. Without the costs of accommodation, house sitting has enabled many people who otherwise wouldn’t have had the funds to go traveling around the world.

Those grateful to Peck and include Dalene and Pete Heck, who claim to have saved over USD6,000 on accommodation costs, having house sat in New York, Spain, Portugal and Turkey. The Mussler family, a family of four on a big adventure around the world say that “House sitting gives us opportunities to travel that we normally couldn’t afford or experience.” By staying in other people’s homes when they travel, the Musslers feel like locals and enjoy being able to help other families (the pet owners) out of a jam.

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