Global Real Estate Agent Aviva Eyal is Today’s Honoree

AvivaEyalAviva Eyal embodies an honest business woman. She ensures the happiness of her clients by putting their needs before her own, and treating them like family members rather than business partners. This selfless attitude makes her a corporate leader to admire.

Aviva’s ability to understand the needs of others stems from her international background. After growing up in Israel and attending Tel Aviv University, she traveled the world in a quest to discover other cultures. She then attended Su Chow University in Taiwan where she became trilingual by learning Chinese.

Aviva’s international experience in marketing and finance allowed her to work in Germany, London, New York and now South Florida. Her worldwide adventures have broadened her perspective while allowing her to understand the importance of bridging cultural gaps within the real estate market.

“Traveling and living all over the world has helped me understand other cultures and other peoples’ needs. The Chinese culture, for example, is very different. You have to appreciate that culture,” Eyal explained.

Eyal uses her global influence to connect buyers and sellers of seemingly contrasting worlds. In today’s competitive housing market, every homeowner wants top dollar for their sale. Eyal helps homeowners achieve this goal by introducing international buyers to real estate here in the United States. Recently, she began focusing on the Chinese, a previously untapped market of potential buyers. Recent changes in the Chinese economy have left some Chinese with a surplus in wealth, so it’s the perfect time to introduce these investors to the states. Aviva is just the person to make that introduction possible.

This increase in buyers will help the housing market continue to grow, as increased competition leads to increased sales. Eyal’s global contacts bring with them a much broader base of buyers to pull from, which is sure to help the already growing real estate market.

Aviva has made every effort to expand her business, a task she has conquered with ease due to her international knowledge. Yet, she refuses to define her success based on her own achievements.

“I put all of myself and my heart into every transaction, and I build relationships with my clients. The best compliment I can receive is that a client is happy with their new home,” said Aviva.

Aviva will stop at nothing to ensure the happiness of her clients, making her achievements all the more admirable.

Visit Aviva Eyal for more information.

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