Fashion Designer Joanna de’Shay is Today’s Honoree

JoannaBorn on the Western coast of Africa to a Nigerian Father and Russian Mother, this international designer could not think of a more representative name for her new clothing line. Thus, Black Russian was born and is a clothing line dedicated to showcasing the many wonderful cultures, religions and ethnicities from around the world. Joanna de’Shay owner of Black Russian took a less direct path to obtaining her design dream and first earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing, followed by completing her Master’s degree in Business Administration. With a strong business background, she felt like she could then move on and acquire her second Master’s degree, a Fine Arts degree in Fashion design.

Currently enrolled at the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Joanna is in her final year of their 3 year Masters of Fine Arts Program in Fashion Design and will graduate in the Spring of 2013. This Global designer of the world feels Fashion pulsating through her blood and is on a journey to metamorphosize the impact that Fashion can bring to cultural understanding and harmony among the races. Her strong belief in honing your craft and getting the appropriate high level, technical training is what led Joanna on her journey to obtain her second Master’s degree in Fashion design.

JoannaCdeShayIn addition to her enrollment in the MFA program in Fashion Design, Joanna has also taught as an Adjunct Faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College in their College of Liberal Arts program. Her classes included teaching History of Fashion/Costume and Intro to Fashion Design. Joanna hopes to teach additional classes in subsequent semesters and loves the creative energy and innovative approach to design that she gets from teaching young designers.

Coco Chanel once stated “I don’t do Fashion, I am Fashion” and that quote is a motto that Joanna subscribes to in her clothing line development and collections. Joanna is a strong believer that “Fashion is in you and something that you are and that design has to be organic and be birth by your truth from an authentic place.” Armed with a strong business background and a love for Fashion, Black Russian Label will soar to new heights and become the premiere clothing label that is representative of all women collectively from all corners of the world.

Visit Joanna Deshay for more information.

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1 Response to Fashion Designer Joanna de’Shay is Today’s Honoree

  1. edward says:

    You really know your stuff… Keep up the good work!

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