EcoTensil Entrepreneur Peggy Cross is Today’s Honoree

PeggyCrossEcotensilMs. Peggy Cross because she created the innovative and popular EcoTensil. EcoTensil manufactures ultra-green, silky-smooth paperboard spoons in the U.S.A. from sustainable material, including FSC paper-stock. All products use significantly less material than any other plastic or “biodegradable” utensils.

The unprecedented sturdy designs are simple, smart, and convenient. EcoTensil products are highly compact, providing significant efficiency and savings in shipping and storage. EcoTensil products provide a brighter future by creating a smaller carbon footprint and less plastic for our oceans and landfills than any other disposable utensils.

A lifelong visionary and entrepreneur, Ms. Peggy Cross is the founder and CEO of EcoTensil Inc. Having received her B.F.A. in Packaging Design and Advertising from Syracuse University, Ms. Cross spent much of her career as the Creative Director of Sterling Cross Creative Inc., a company that she co-founded. Sterling Cross Creative Inc. (now Sterling Creativeworks) specializes in strategic packaging design and marketing for high end clients in the food and beverage industry. Ms. Cross’ clients included Niman Ranch, Laura Chenel Chevre, Constellation, and Domain Chandon.

After years of finding success in the packaging design and food industries, Ms. Cross knew intimately the amount of waste that is produced by disposable packaging, utensils and other paper goods. A particular pain point she encountered was the staggering amount of “one taste plastic waste” that occurs when people use sample cups or spoons and throw them in the trash seconds later, dooming them to crowd landfills. As a mother of small children she was constantly thinking about the future and the world her children would inherit. She knew there had to be a better way. “I wanted to help end the culture of plastic dependence that is plaguing our planet,” said Cross.

Her years of experience in design led her to create EcoTensil, a simple, efficiently designed line of spoons that are made in the US from renewable materials. EcoTensil products use significantly less material than any other plastic or “biodegradable” utensil. They are smooth, like a paper soda cup, and easy to use—in just one fold each spoon becomes a sturdy, efficient utensil. EcoTasters, EcoTensil’s greenest product, are compostable, recyclable, and made from sustainably forested paperboard. All of EcoTensil’s products take up less space than plastic or wood utensils—5,000 fit in the same box as 1,000 comparable utensils— allowing them to be shipped and stored more efficiently and reducing their carbon footprint.

Visit EcoTensil for more information.

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