Skinnovator Laurie Nicoll is Today’s Honoree

LaurieNicollMs. Laurie Nicoll, President and CEO of Stemulation  and a true expert when it comes to skin care. Ms. Nicoll has been involved in years of research on the power of stem cells and how to harness those benefits for skin care, including anti-aging, sun spots, acne, and scarring.

Ms. Nicoll’s initial interest in skin care began at a young age when she suffered from extremely dry, sensitive skin due to her body’s inability to produce adequate amounts of vitamin  A and D. Later in life, while serving as the Business Development Officer at a stem cell research company she learned extensively about the healing properties of this technology. She then began a two-year research project to identify a protocol that would capture the growth factors of stem cells. Her findings lead her to create an entire line of skin care products that produce youthful, radiant skin at any age.

Stemulation captures the growth factors from healthy stem cells, which tell the skin cells how to repair themselves. Thus the growth factors present in Stemulation products simply activate a person’s own skin cells to repair themselves naturally.

Ms. Laurie Nicoll envisioned and created innovative skin care products that truly make a difference in peoples lives. Her products have helped aging customers feel youthful and regain the confidence they once had, without the pain or cost of any cosmetic procedures or surgeries and with natural products instead. In addition, she donates a portion of her company’s proceeds to the Footprints Foundation, which supports a wide variety of philanthropic charities.

Visit Laurie Nicholl for more information.

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