Communication Expert Rick Goodfriend is Today’s Honoree

RickGoodfriendMr. Rick Goodfriend is a communication expert who specializes in nonviolent, compassionate communication methods that foster trust and deep, lasting connections. He is an alumnus of the Nonviolent Communications leadership program, where he developed expertise in Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s innovative conflict resolution and communication techniques simply known as Nonviolent Communication.

After being educated in Nonviolent Communication skills, Mr. Goodfriend was inspired to teach and put on workshops that would help others learn life-giving communication skills. He teaches individuals how to move past “suicidal communication habits” like blame, shame, guilt and fear towards a deeper way of listening and communicating with empathy.

Today, Mr. Goodfriend has been teaching communication skills to businesses audiences and the public for over a decade. He has been certified by the International Association of Corporate Speakers to bring his inspirational message to audiences of all kinds.

These techniques are more than just a business to Mr. Goodfriend, they are a way of life. He has seen his life transformed by employing compassionate communication methods and jokes that “I owe my thanks to these skills for keeping me out of jail and the hospital!”. In all seriousness, it his desire to see peace come to the world and he knows that his methods will help toward that end so he often gives back by hosting free workshops and meetings that are open to the public.

Mr. Goodfriend is also founder of World Empathy Day, which was inspired by the change empathetic communication made in his life and the lives of his workshop attendees. It is a day of increased consciousness for peaceful communication, connection with self and others, forgiveness and acceptance. It is celebrated with participants around the world.

Visit Rick Goodfriend for more information.

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1 Response to Communication Expert Rick Goodfriend is Today’s Honoree

  1. I am very proud to say that I know Mr. Rick Goodfriend, and that he truly does live his life by the words he speaks. If you get the chance to hear him, please take advantage of the opportunity to do so. He is a kind and gentle man, thank you so much for acknowledging him.

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