Cancer Advocate Cindy Campbell is Today’s Honoree

cindy campbellCindy Campbell is a cancer mom blogger and childhood cancer advocate.  Along with her husband Louis, they founded the Ty Louis Campbell (TLC) Foundation after the recent loss of their son, Ty, to fund innovative research geared toward the treatment of the deadliest childhood cancers (including brain and spinal cord tumors).

Based out of New York, Cindy is leveraging her 15 years of experience in corporate marketing and agency PR to fuel the fight against childhood cancer.  She has interviewed with various news outlets including WNBC-NY, Huffington Post, AOL ParentDish, Journal News, WFAN-FM, Bloomberg Radio and WPLJ.  Her blog at has generated 4.5 million hits, Ty’s facebook page ( has more than 16,000 fans, and his Twitter @SuperTyCampbell has more than 1,500 followers.

Her son, Ty Louis Campbell, graced this earth for five beautiful years, and before he left he made it a better place to live.  He was astoundingly beautiful and always quick to smile.  His sheer magnetism developed not because of the cancer that consumed him, but rather his love for life that defined him.  In honor of his courageous fight and infectious spirit, Cindy is committed to spreading general awareness for cancer’s littlest victims while helping uncover better treatment options for children.  Treatments that work without robbing children of their childhood.

Prior to her position at the TLC Foundation, Cindy was a marketing director at PricewaterhouseCoopers for five years.  Before making the change to corporate marketing, she was employed at various PR agencies including Weber Shandwick and Cohn & Wolfe.

Cindy lives in Pawling, NY with her husband, Lou, and four-year old son, Gavin.  She holds a B.A. in Communications/Public Relations from Marist College.

In the brief time since Ty’s passing, Cindy has already done some AMAZING work in his honor and with its latest program: “The Muddy Puddles Project” which is a celebration of children and childhood and finding the fun in all things messy.  A series of Muddy Puddle “Mess Fest” events will be taking place later this year.

Visit Cindy Campbell for more information.

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