Uganda Native and Activist Kato Abdu is Today’s Honoree

ICODIKato Abdu from Uganda, East Africa is the Programme Director of a Non Profit and a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) called Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI).

The major aim of the organization is to reduce on the high levels of food insecurity, poverty, illiteracy and ill health among the rural and urban poor communities.

We train and support the rural poor to start small sustainable income generating activities in order to reduce on food insecurity and poverty and we also deal in HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB awareness, prevention and control as these are the major epidemics in Uganda.

We are having a project proposal that we would love to implement in schools (primary and secondary schools) as well as in communities targeting the school drop out students aged 13-20 years.

The project is aimed at training the primary and secondary school students as well as the school dropout students aged 13-20 years in project management knowledge and entrepreneurship skills. We want to equip these students with employment relevant skills and also create a better prepared society for future success.

The project is intended to train the beneficiaries in topics such as team work, critical thinking, problem solving, responsibility, communication skills, business plan formulation, marketing, record keeping, money saving skills, modern farming and agriculture (having practical gardens in schools and communities to train the beneficiaries), time management, Life skills, conflict management and stress management.

We also want to equip these beneficiaries with the trainer of trainees (TOT) skills such that they can be able to train their brothers, sisters, parents and guardians as well as other family members and community members in project management knowledge and entrepreneurship skills.

This project is aimed at creating a society where young people are able to start and manage sustainable income generating activities as well as them having some employment relevant skills which will also help to reduce on the high unemployment levels among youths. We want to create a society with young people becoming job creators other than them being job seekers a situation that is currently existing and that has lead to unemployment among youth and even adult populations.

The project has other many advantages in different communities and to the country at large and its important towards reducing on the high levels of illiteracy among the young population in Uganda.

The support we are seeking is in four areas:

1. In form of equipments; we would love to get equipments such as laptops, projectors, these would help us in trainings, Printer and photocopying machine which will help in photocopying and printing training materials.
2. Stationary which can include printing papers
3. Field Motorcycles; to help us move in different schools for trainings both in urban and in rural communities.
4. or Funds to support the project in the above issues.

Visit the ICODI for more information or reach out to Kato Abdu personally at Po Box 557, Mbarara, Uganda. You can Skype him at icodikato.

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