International Youth Educator Sharyn Shields is Today’s Honoree

SharynShieldsSharyn Shields is a motivational speaker and Healthy Relationships Educator and has trained youth both nationally and internationally. She currently contracts with More Than Conquerors Inc. in Conyers, GA, a youth development company that equips youth with the tools necessary to build healthy relationships.

Sharyn is a consultant for several teen initiatives and has been instrumental in designing a ‘life skills’ curriculum for the sexually active youth, empowering them to return to a healthy, abstinent lifestyle, and imparting skills to make healthier life choices.

Sharyn has travelled to countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the West Indies, working with youth whereby many are poor and disadvantaged. As a professional actress and singer she has worked professionally both on and off screen and has had the privilege of using drama for youth at risk of delinquency and other problem behaviors, combining professional arts training for youth with interpersonal communication skills, and conflict resolution education.WisdomOfDrSoles

Sharyn graduated with honors from Beulah Heights University receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Education. Sharyn is also a writer and has had a memoir published whereby, she encourages single fathers to develop healthy relationship with their children.

Sharyn has a strong passion for the youth and desires to empower and equip them in choosing healthy lifestyle choices that promote a future for success.

Sharyn Shields is also the Author of “The Wisdom of Dr. Soles.”

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