Philadelphia Music Teacher Ron Coles is Today’s Honoree

Mr. Ron Coles

Mr. Ron Coles

“I’m here to honor Mr. Ron Coles who is a veteran Music Teacher of fifteen years at Roxborough High School in Philadelphia, PA.

Mr. Coles was my cooperating teacher for the second half of my student teaching experience, and in fact tonight is our concert! He has only been at Roxborough for three years but has established a strong band, choral and general music program. In fact, before Mr. Coles was here there was no
music program for over thirty years!

I was placed with Ron on the recommendation of a Music Ed grad student at
Eastern (Mr. Bill Storck, who was hired by the Philadelphia School District
after his time with Mr. Coles) and I was blessed to see how Ron has been
working with the students of Roxborough, many of which are coming from very
difficult circumstances at home and in their neighborhoods. I also had an
opportunity to work with his brass band who sound very good, many of which
have only had two or three months experience on their instrument! Mr. Coles
is doing something that most teachers or admin would say is a “waste of
time” or “why bother with -those- kids” and through patience, love and
teaching showing that it can be done!

Mr. Coles has also formed a non profit that is working to save churches
that are slated to close or be demolished, and has managed to save two in
Schyukill County.

This is a very unfortunate time in education in PA, and particularly
Philadelphia, so every music program is potentially on the chopping block.
I’m sure Mr. Coles would be extremely grateful for any exposure or advocacy
that this honor would bring to his program at Roxborough Hih School.”

Robert Ludington represents the Class of 2013.

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