Music Artist and Activist Carla Prather is Today’s Honoree

CarlaPrather “I am nominating Carla because she is the purest definition of true inspiration. I first became aware of her when she was singing for a local Chicago band, Poi Dog Pondering. As a fan of the group, I would be at shows and concert and she was not only a crowd favorite but so gracious for the cheers and support.

I was fortunate to be able to meet her backstage and she was just as genuine and appreciative in person. Not to mention, she never forgot me. If she saw me in the crowd, she would flash a smile and a wave. She may have the handle “only fly diva”, but it’s definitely the complete opposite of who she is.

KimberlyThe second, and maybe the most impressive is her foundation, The Nellie Prather Foundation. Turning the tragedy of losing her sister into a positive, her family started this effort to honor their lost angel. Working with young women to mentor them, support them and help them through their young, tough, formative years.  Carla not only mentors them but also raises monies for fantastic events and outings.

I will never have enough words to describe how this fantastic person has touched so many lives but hope that you are able to  look at the links provided as backup to my praise.”

Reported by Kimberly Arndt. Visit Carla Prather for more information.

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