Lacks Family Hela Foundation CEO Lawrence Lacks is Today’s Honoree

lawrence lacksMr. Lawrence Lacks, President & CEO of the Lacks Family HeLa Foundation, and eldest son of the late Henrietta Lacks known for her amazing immortal HeLa Cells.

An untold amount was taken from his family and nothing was given back to replace it.  Mr. Lacks has risen above his pain and the knowledge that his mothers’ immortal cells continues to be used in research labs around the world and that others have made millions, to a place within where he believes the way  to honor his mother’s memory and the legacy she left behind is by using it as platform to help others struggling with the emotional, mental, financial hardships and burdens caused when a person has cancer.  That speaks about the true nature of  a man like Mr. Lawrence Lacks who wants to make life less harsh for others since he has had to witness the suffering, pain and final deterioration of his mother due to an aggressive form of Cervical Cancer.

He has started the Lacks Family HeLa Foundation that is struggling and in desperate need of sponsors, donations and In-kind contributions, so that the Foundation can accomplish its goals, its mission and thereby honor the legacy of his mother!

Lawrence Lacks, President and CEO

Mr. Lawrence Lacks entered the US Army as a medic about a year after the early loss of his mother.  After two years in the military, Mr. Lacks returned to Baltimore to begin a career as a ship builder and custom fitter at Sparrow’s Point.  From 1956 to 1972, he rotated between Sparrow’s Point and Bethlehem Steel Yard, supporting his family while developing expertise and skills in that vital Baltimore industry.

In 1972, Mr. Lacks decided to tackle a new aspect of the transportation industry, by becoming a passenger train driver with Penn Central (now Amtrak) for the next quarter of a century.  Returning back to East Baltimore with his family, Mr. Lacks is now dedicated to caring for his family and honoring his mother’s legacy by providing much needed services and resources to others who are facing the long road towards recovery with limit financial, emotional, family or community support through his established non-profit Lacks Family HeLa Foundation.  You contact the Foundation via email at:

Please visit the Lacks Family Hela Foundation for more information.

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