Spiritual Author Lisa R. Hein is Today’s Honoree

LisaHeinLisa Hein authored her first book titled, THE BOOK “I’m Doing The Best I Can!” (They won’t always be cute and adorable) when she became an ’empty nester.’ Shortly after the release of THE BOOK, her life journey took a different turn.

It was very obvious that parents wanted to hear what she had to say, because immediately she was being invited to speak at numerous schools, conferences and book signings. She became sought out as a parenting expert and shared her experiences in ‘parentdom’ on local and national television and radio talk shows.

MANIFESTING SMALL PIC COVERIn 2009, Lisa was invited to join RadioEarNetwork.com as a talk show host of ‘Everyday Parenting.’ With no experience in that industry, Lisa dove in and began recruiting anyone she could find who had a story of interest. From there, she began interviewing #1 NY Times best selling authors, such as Todd Burpo, Heaven Is For Real; Marcie Shimoff, Love For No Reason, and many more. Her guest list also included ordinary people with extraordinary stories who shared heartfelt wisdom to Lisa’s audience throughout the world.

Her newest book, ‘Manifesting God’s Love In Your Family,’ she says, “Was a gift from God.” There is no way, so she thought, she could write a book that was Biblically-based, and would be accepted and as well received as it has been. She gives God all the glory because she knows how much her life has changed and adds, “I owe it all to Him!”

Visit Lisa R. Hein for more information.

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