Real Estate Expert Ryan McEvoy is Today’s Honoree

RyanMcEvoyRyan is the principal of Gaia Development,  a green-building consulting company dedicated to creating cost-effective  solutions for efficient sustainable buildings. Gaia’s mission is to make  sustainability affordable, so more businesses and homeowners will choose to  build with the future of our earth in mind.

In addition to his business, Ryan applied his 10+ years experience in the non-profit sector toward the foundation of Collective Solutions (CS). CS seeks to “promote  sustainable development among under-served populations worldwide” by  implementing sustainability-minded education to economically and  ecologically impoverished communities. Gaia Development donates a sizable  portion of its revenue to Collective Solutions.

Ryan McEvoy has been merging his expertise in real estate development and
sustainable energy since 2001. Ryan became a LEED AP in 2002 and soon began
his career as a Project Manager and Sustainability Coordinator at Yorkshire
Development. During this time, he assisted his firm with the development of
Pasadena’s Tricom Building – the world’s first LEED speculative commercial
building. Ryan took it upon himself to communicate with the City of
Pasadena Planning Department, Water and Power, and City Council, to ensure
their interest and adoption of LEED in future city planning. This became
the basis of Pasadena’s acclaimed green building program. In 2005, Ryan
established Gaia Development.

Ryan continues to reach back to the community through Collective Solutions
and by teaching a sustainability course at Cal State Dominguez Hills and
speaking at sustainability-minded conferences around the country.

Visit Ryan McEvoy for more information.

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