The Hip Entrepreneur Iris Grant Onrot is Today’s Honoree

IrisGrantOnrotIris Grant Onrot is a woman who is out to save the lives of aging seniors…one hip at a time. She is the “hippest” female entrepreneur you’ll ever run into. But don’t worry because if you knock her down, she’ll just smile at you and say, “Yes I’ve fallen, but I CAN get up, thanks to ComfiHips(r) our life-saving product that my husband and I patented and sell worldwide.”

As a CEO of her own “uplifting” business, she is about to rescue the retirement and senior care industry with a product that protects the hips of seniors when they inevitably fall.  One out of three seniors fall every year according to the CDC. Statistics show that approximately 25% of those who fall and fracture their hips will die within a year due to complications.

Iris has had her share of “life’s falls”, however this powerful woman got right back up on her feet and became successful starting companies.  This is the second company that she has started. Her first one was a legal investigating business, which she started from an idea, and sold 13 years later.

Iris is always on the go, trying to educate people about fall prevention and wearing the newest technology in hip protectors, ComfiHips(r).

Visit Iris Grant Onrot for more information.

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