Founder and Managing Director of Lend A Free Hand Tom Bagamane is Today’s Honoree

TomBTom Bagamane is Founder and Managing Director of Lend A Free Hand. Tom’s organization, Lend a Free Hand, provides premium gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free food to our favorite furry friends. The most amazing part of his mission is for every bag of food purchased, Freehand donates one bag to a rescue shelter. The service encourages community involvement and bettering the world one bag of dog food at a time.

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide you and your dog with the highest-quality food and, in the process, save the lives of abandoned and abused dogs in the communities where our products are sold. Millions of pets are euthanized each year in shelters across the country. With food as one of their largest expenses, overcrowded and underfunded rescue organizations and city shelters need support.

To provide this critical help, FreeHand matches your purchase with an equal amount of our premium rescueONE donated food to shelters and rescues – pound for pound, scoop for scoop, meal for meal™ – buying dogs the time to find a loving home. rescueONE  is composed of high quality proteins, balanced fibers, wholesome grains and essential vitamins – providing consistent and balanced nutrition to dogs whose systems have been severely compromised. Hearty, happy and “regular” dogs are the easiest to adopt. Sure, we could have made a cheaper donated product to increase our profit. But why? Isn’t that rescue dog’s life just as important as our own pup’s?

What Makes FreeHand Different?

FreeHand is a different kind of company. We place passion before profit; activism ahead of marketshare. It is ingrained in our DNA to be a mission-driven company. We are committed to offering the highest-quality products to socially conscious consumers, who seek to make a difference – just as we do. Millions of pets each year are euthanized – a dilemma FreeHand believes can be solved. We devised a business solution to reduce and, ultimately, eradicate this rampant social issue. While we’re starting with super premium dog food, FreeHand has no intention of stopping there. We intend to apply our unique brand of buy-one, give-one conscious consumerism to products and categories through which we and our customers influence lasting societal change.

Visit Lend A Free Hand for more information.

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