Native American Author and Entertainer Dawn Karima Pettigrew is Today’s Honoree

HoneyDawnKarimaDr. Dawn Karima Pettigrew (Creek/Cherokee) hosts A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA, a Native American talk show on TalktainmentRadio.  The author of two novels, THE WAY WE MAKE SENSE and THE MARRIAGE OF SAINTS and co-author of CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY READ lives on the Qualla Boundary. Her NAMMY-nominated CDs are THE WORSHIP OF ANGELS and THE DESIRE OF NATIONS. An award-winning filmmaker,poet and fiction writer, she is a journalist, whose work appears regularly in INDIAN LIFE, NEWS FROM INDIAN COUNTRY, NATIVE HOOP, and WHISPERING WIND.

She has a BA from Harvard and the MFA in Creative Writing from The Ohio State University. Her doctorate was completed at The University of Kentucky / Trinity Seminary. Dawn Karima Pettigrew is currently Ms. American Indian Beauty, and has reigned as Ms. Native American Worldwide, Ms. Native American Achievement and Miss North Carolina Achievement. She teaches Native American Studies at the university level, and is a beadworker , shellshaker and women’s traditional powwow dancer.

Visit Dr. Dawn Karima Pettigrew for more information.

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