Domestic Violence Survivor Ruby Y. Burke is Today’s Honoree

RubyBurkeRuby Y. Burke is an extraordinary woman and entrepreneur. She has survived domestic abuse, raised three children, the last one is graduating from Full Sail University in June 2013. She mentors to young ladies and she has created a PowerPoint presentation and an accompanying workbook for her mentoring program.

Ms. Burke has also written a book (Survivors Emancipation Day) which will be released in March 2013 (stories of women who have survived challenges in their lives). She had the book published two years ago, but it was not done correctly. She paid a publisher to re-do the book and he ran away with her money and never published the book and now she has found a publisher. Her persistence and her eagerness to give is outstanding. She has worked with the Abused Persons Program in Montgomery County. Her mentoring and speaking engagements have all been on a volunteer basis. She also takes care of her 82 year old father. Although her home caught fire in July 2013 she has not wavered in her courage, strength and faith. She is currently on the WUSA9 News Community Page. She has not been recognized, but she should be.

Ruby Y. Burke is a native of Washington, DC and presently resides in Maryland. Ms. Burke began her writing career with the release of her first children’s book entitled, Yap-Yap, “The Talking Horse” in 2008. She is the president/ CEO of Children’s Book Workshop and Ms. Burke is Vice President/Executive Director of Operations of Sisters in Harmony, a web based Economic Networking Organization which uplifts and encourages women of all nationalities.

She is a survivor of domestic violence has now stepped up to the plate to work with others in similar situations overcome their fear of failure and build their self-esteem. Her faith in God, her three children, her work with Sisters In Harmony and her travels and projects with her partner, Edmund Herman, has given her the courage to overcome her own fears. Survivors, “Emancipation Day” has given Ms. Burke the closure she so desperately needed to continue with everything that God has planned for her life and she hopes that this book and future books will do the same for others.

Visit Ruby Y. Burke for more information.

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