Culinary Expert and Miracle Writer Bela Banerjee is Today’s Honoree

BelaWorld-renowned author of the ever-popular series “Cooking With Bela”, Bela Banerjee writes on a more personal level. Bela has not shared her story yet with the world, she has believed in her heart timing is everything and now that God has revealed in her life miraculous signs she is now ready to tell her story. Bela’s story begins as a child in India and about her continuous longing to find her purpose in life. Bela early on knew deep within her soul that God had a divine purpose for her life. Tragedy struck her and her family on numerous times but Bela’s will to survive combined with her sense of purpose forced her to move forward. In this book, Bela shares her near death experiences, the loss of family and friends, becoming a mother, becoming a widow and finding love again. She shares her sorrows and joys in a way that few can. She talks about her near death crash and the impact on her and the lives of loved ones. Bela shares the miracles that occurred in her home, witnessed by friends and family. In times when the world is at war, when people have little faith or reason to believe, Bela brings hope for a new tomorrow. This compelling real life story will restore your faith, it will remind you that miracles do exist and will remind you of your purpose in this lifetime.

Michelle Pipeling, Colleague and friend.

The first thing that one notices about Bela Banerjee upon meeting her is her friendly demeanor with open warmth. She possesses a quality that is both serene and graceful, which does not betray the fact that she has endured deep tragedies in her life. Behind the smiling face and bright eyes that have barely aged in the almost twenty years that I have known her, Bela displays a humility and generosity that should we all possess it, we would be all the better for it. There is one more attribute that Bela possesses, and that is one of extreme faith, bordering on the mystical, which is why this book has been written. It is not only an open sharing of Bela’s life, but the lives of others who have inspired her.

Khadi Madama, Host of Yours Truly, Yoga

Visit Bela Banerjee for more information.

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