Attorney and Autism Activist Betty Crea Davidson is Today’s Honoree

BettyCreaDavidsonBetty Crea Davidson is a mom, attorney and creator of the  Apex Spectrum Guide.  When Betty Crea Davidson recognized that something was profoundly wrong with her 2 year old son Atticus, she suspected autism but refused to fully admit it to herself. At the doctor’s office waiting to hear the diagnosis, Davidson silently prayed “I hope it turns out he’s deaf.”

When word came from the pediatric neurologist that Atticus was indeed autistic, Davidson cried for days. And when she gathered herself and came to grips with the hard truth, she scoured the world for treatments, professionals, methodologies that could help her son lead a normal, happy life.

But she found none. In fact, she recognized that for the vast majority, the diagnosis of autism was the equivalent of a lifelong struggle with little hope of dramatic improvement and less so of independence. So she put aside her busy legal practice and went to work developing a true first in the world of autism education and therapy. Beginning with ABA as the bedrock of knowledge and practice, Davidson developed a truly interactive online program that serves as a virtual human guide or sherpa that leads parents and children through the journey of consistent and measurable improvement, leading in some cases (such as that of Atticus) to complete, physician certified recovery.

“I created my Apex Spectrum Learning system because I recognized the power of mother and child working together guided by a virtual sherpa, available to them 24\7 on their computers, iPads and the like,” Davidson says. “Much of what I created is based on the myths and realities of autism that I recognized as I studied the issues.”

Apex Spectrum Guide, developed by a Betty Crea Davidson, Esq. for her autistic son, is a web-based program that helps children with autism spectrum disorder overcome their communication, cognitive and behavioral challenges.  Firmly rooted in Applied Behavioral Analysis and developed in consultation with experts in behavioral, educational and developmental psychology from Columbia Presbyterian, Apex Spectrum Guide provides a step-by-step, interactive and responsive teaching plan customizable to each child’s unique needs. The program guides parents in “what to teach” and “how to teach” their autistic child. Betty believes that autism does not have to be a life sentence – and that parents are the most important part of their child’s intervention.

Visit for more information.

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