Painful Secrets Author Tim Hutchinson is Today’s Honoree

TimHutchinsonStopped on the way to attacking his high school with an assault rifle, Tim Hutchinson (aka The Bully Doctor) spent years on the wrong side of the law. Painful Secrets is the shocking true story of one young man’s battle against bullies, drugs, firearms, gangs, prostitution, the KKK and a downward spiral that was sure to plummet him into an early grave.

Pushed into the darkest corners of life – across the street from hell, he became homeless, suicidal, and was out of options. Yet he dared to dream of rebuilding the tangled wreckage that barely resembled a life.

Eventually Tim met a mentor; a holocaust survivor who had actually at one time lived with PainfulSecretsAdolph Hitler, and was sent to a prison camp as punishment for speaking out against  Hitler. He survived and moved to America to rebuild his life where he mentored one person; myself.

Through his tutelage Tim became a good citizen who now believes that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Tim did not want to be among those who do nothing, so he started speaking with teens at high schools about bullying, violence, and making better choices. It’s that important. Who better to hear it from than someone who had been in their shoes and knows what it feels like to be hurt and want to hurt back?

In 2004, he also started a writing campaign about bullying and the need to help our kids rise above the pain they suffer in their lives. Incredibly, he hand wrote and mailed three letters a day, seven days a week for six years, and sent them to anyone and everyone who would listen and had influence; politicians, teachers, educational organization leaders and city officials.

Since then, he’s been credited with preventing four school shootings and stopping over fifty teen suicides. In addition, Tim is married (to a school teacher!) and together they have four children, one of whom is the youngest person in America to be awarded the Medal of Valor.
Tim once thought that attacking his high school would have been the greatest day in his life. Tim admits he was wrong. It would have only destroyed many lives and prevented him from realizing a truly wonderful life; one filled with real hope, peace and joy that he now shares with others.

The goal is to reach out through this memoir and send a positive message and real hope to anyone who has experienced bullying, and especially those who might be considering another shooting like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora theater, or Sandy Hook.

Please visit Tim Hutchinson for more information.

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