The Black Boogiemen Author Tallis Piaget is Today’s Honoree

TallisTallis Piaget is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Black Boogiemen.  He is the executive editor of the Insight2Incite Magazine, as well as a co-host of the Insight Radio Show.  Though Black Boogiemen is his first published material, he has been refining his craft for over 20 years.

Tallis Piaget was born and raised of meager beginnings in the inner city of St.  Louis, MO.  Having a natural fervor for learning, he excelled in academics ending with a degree in Biochemistry.  The degree provided the opportunity to work for one of the largest fortune five hundred, agricultural companies in the country.  Tallis has worked as an Analytical Protein Biochemist for the past 12 years, earning numerous commendations.

Logic and intellect have been the innate abilities within Tallis securing him a permanent position within the scientific arena, yet his passion has always been writing. In turn, Tallis has written for what feels like all of his life.  Because he only wrote for the enjoyment, he never felt the need to show others. Finishing his masterpiece is when he finally felt obligated and allowed a few readers to critique his work.  Their views were over whelming and unanimous.   This book is a milestone, a landmark, and one of the most powerful books of the century.

Tallis has had to undergo strenuous training in proper scientific, technical writing, and he has written creatively for years.  These two skills culminate into a unique writing style that’s leaving readers unable to close his book.  He is now earning his Masters in writing and plans on becoming a college professor.

Visit The Black Boogiemen for more information.

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