Author Ciara Elle’ is Today’s Honoree

CiaraEllePicture yourself living the life you were meant to live. You have the career of your dreams. You drive the car you have always wanted. Your relationships with your friends, family and significant other are healthy, loving and drama free. You are at peace and you are happy…. Impossible, right? You are too tired, too broke, too fat, too depressed, or too angry to ever really experience that lifestyle. The good life is for celebrities and sports stars, not people like you with real problems. What if I were to tell you, it IS possible? That not only do you deserve peace and happiness, but also that it is well within your reach. And that with time, effort and the right tools, the fabulous life is within your reach.


Ciara Elle and the Go Get It Life Development Agency, A boutique coaching firm whose mission is to help you make your next move your best move. Straightforward, outspoken, yet disarmingly likeable, the chic entrepreneur has created several nonprofit organizations and youth development programs and has successfully served hundreds of children and families since entering the mental health profession six years ago. She recently decided to enter the field of life coaching after becoming disturbed by irresponsible actions of female reality television stars and the way her youngest clients admired them.

Never being one to be comfortable just complaining about an issue, Ciara takes action, writing her self-help book for young women, Go Get It!, and obtaining her life coach certification in order to spread the message that personal growth is a lifelong process; it should not stop once you reach adulthood. In the summer 2012 Ciara created Go Get It! Life Development Agency where she provides her coaching and counseling services. She will also be releasing B.A.I.T. (Believe. Affirm.Inspire.Transcend) , a book of affirmation and encouragement for teens in 2013.

The self-described “Go Getter” credits her personal and professional success to her spiritual faith, great sense of humor, and constant commitment to not only survive a childhood filled dysfunction, and disadvantage, but to also become a living example that “one’s future is by no means limited by their past.” Ciara does not take light of the fact that she was born January 15th,she shares this birthday with late great Dr. Martin Luther King jr. “The fact that I share the same birthday of a man of such statue, give me the hope I need to succeed.” Ciara currently resides in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Now, she not only shares her birthday with Atlanta’s King; she also shares his birthplace. Perhaps this was part of her destiny.

Visit Ciara Elle’ for more information.

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