Red Carpet Makeup Artist Kenetia Lee is Today’s Honoree

KenetiaKenetia Lee is one of today’s leading authorities on beauty empowerment. She is a highly respected professional Makeup Artist, Author, Personal Coach, and Speaker with over ten years of hands-on experience. Kenetia has made it her mission to transform women from the inside out, to uplift them from the darkness of self-deprecation and to inspire them to celebrate the artistry of each brilliant feature they possess.

She has seen firsthand the debilitating effects of a negative self-image—even in stunning models, famous actors, and female celebrities. Thus, she is living her life purpose to empower women all over the world to recognize the resolute beauty that lives within
them instilling self-confidence and self-appreciation.

Passionately committed to helping women live boldly and beautifully, Kenetia speaks with women and women’s organizations all over the country encouraging them to appreciate themselves and embrace their beauty fearlessly – a topic she also makes available to a much larger audience via her book “Fearless Beauty: A Women’s Guide to Living Bold, Beautiful & Free.” In it, she has truly captivated the world stage with her bold, fresh, and empowering message that redefines a woman’s approach to beauty.

Kenetia’s work as a highly sought-after Red Carpet Makeup Artist has given her the honor of working intimately with beautiful women at the Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, the Grammy Awards, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and Teen Vogue Fashion LIVE to name a few.

As a Public Speaker & Spokesperson, she has worked with Revlon, Covergirl, Mark Cosmetics, The Miss Universe Organization, Step Up Women’s Network, and numerous other national organizations. Kenetia has regularly appeared on Television shows such as ABC’s “Eyewitness News Sunday Morning,” WB’s “Good Day Arizona,” WB’s “Flix & Pix Detroit,” and CW’s “Extra!” Kenetia can also be found as a Featured Columnist in publications such as InStyle, The LasVegas Review, and The Los Angeles Sentinel. Kenetia presents a powerful philosophy with a blueprint for physical well being, mental clarity, and
spiritual fulfillment.

Her message is uplifting, empowering, and gives women the confidence they need to be  themselves and feel beautiful just the way they are.

To learn more about Kenetia and to book her, click here.

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