Partnership Organizer Glen Dalakian is Today’s Honoree

GlenDalakian Glen J. Dalakian, President of CSAV Systems in Colts Neck, is no stranger to the world of small businesses and grassroots marketing. Starting out in his family’s dry cleaning business, Glen has owned and operated several small business enterprises in the electronics and retail industries. Most recently, Glen has generously offered up his combined knowledge and experience in business and philanthropy to help victims of Hurricane Sandy in the Monmouth County community.

Glen has developed a successful partnership between the towns of Colts Neck and Union Beach on behalf of an initiative entitled “Operation Provide Comfort” (OPC). Operation Provide Comfort is an organization that was started by Colonel Jim Sfayer and a team of hardworking volunteers from Colts Neck. The goal of OPC is to help the residents of Union Beach to recover from the devastation of Super Storm Sandy and regain a sense of normalcy. When presented with the opportunity to participate in OPC, Glen volunteered his time and knowledge to help out wherever he could.

Glen was immediately nominated to volunteer as the head of Business Operations. Aside from delegation, Glen has taken it upon himself to do a lot of the legwork himself. It was not long before Glen recruited the Colts Neck Community Church to partner with OP on this initiative. As a result, this allowed the organization to gain one of its first of many partnerships, as well as its biggest donors. Glen has taken it upon himself to utilize his countless networks throughout NJ to assist in finding vendors, suppliers and donors for the town of Union Beach.

One of the biggest partners that Glen has enlisted to join OPC was the Colts Neck Business Association. Glen currently resides as the 2013 President of the CNBA, who has donated $1000 to the efforts and will be providing OPC with a spotlight at their upcoming Annual Luncheon at Trump National Golf Club on March 5, 2013.

Glen sparked the idea for a Build-A-Wall campaign that OPC is using to acquire donations so the organization can help Union Beach residents rebuild sooner. This effort has also provided additional funding for the organization’s website ( for an entire year! With all of this generosity, Mr. Dalakian maintains a humble servant to the OPC organization and the town of Colts Neck, NJ. All of Glen’s efforts, contributions and time have created a momentum that will continue to foster Operation Provide Comfort and its cause.

Visit OPC Union Beach for more information.

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