The Butterfly Wheel Monica J. Foster is Today’s Honoree

My name is Monica J. Foster, and I’m the Chief Motivational Officer (CMO) of BUTTERFLYWHEEL® Motivation, Advocacy & Consulting. I have dedicated my life to coaching people with disabilities to develop the skills they need to meet their challenges head on and live happy, fulfilling lives. I am an expert on the beauty each day holds.

I believe that life is a gift, and that each day is an opportunity to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. I use my own story of strength, courage and triumph to engage, educate and encourage others to overcome their obstacles and live a Life Beyond Limits.

I know that it’s possible, because I do it every day. I was born with Spina Bifida, and I use a wheelchair. Continued battles with life threatening infections caused by compromised circulation in my legs led me to make the difficult decision to amputate my left leg just above the knee in January, 2010. I have no regrets, and my life is more vibrant as an amputee on wheels. Life continues to spin in beautiful ways.

I possess an extraordinary passion to guide and motivate others through the various transitions of life, work, love and wellness. Disabled veterans, people with all types of disabilities, and youth with special needs have found in me an advocate, mentor, cheerleader and empathizer. I find joy in every connection!

(Ret.) Senior Chief Petty Officer, Royce D. Jackson

Monica’s Dad, the late (Ret.) Senior Chief Petty Officer, Royce D. Jackson.

I find incredible value and meaning in my relationships with those I coach, but I can’t describe how much I treasure my relationships with those who have coached me. I credit my dad, Royce, a retired Senior Chief Petty Officer who spent four years in the Air Force and 18 years in the Coast Guard, with the lessons I’ve learned in patience and integrity. My mother, Gail, a retired teacher, encourages me to never accept injustice and continues to stoke my fire to fight for what’s right.

My wonderful husband, Bryan, has shown me the benefits of accepting what is, in order to discover what can be. He really is my better half! Bryan and I met in 2000, and in 2002 he experienced a stroke that left him paralyzed on his right side. I learned a great deal about my abilities as a caregiver in spite of my own challenges during that time, and lessons about independence were replaced by lessons on interdependence. After rigorous rehabilitation, Bryan is now a strong survivor of a traumatic brain injury, and we’ve each had a really good look at what it’s like for the other person in our relationship. In 2005, after growing together and learning to navigate the challenges of being an interability couple, we married. We purchased our first accessible home in December, 2009, and have settled down in my hometown of Landis, North Carolina.

I’m also very close to Bryan’s family, who has supported me like I’m one of their own. As an only child, I’ve always thought that more family is better, and they have proved that to be true time and again. They really are my Foster family in every way!

Each member of my family has given me undying support and unconditional love, and I draw from it daily to keep me moving onward and upward in all I do.

So, that’s my story. What about you? Let’s work on your new story together.

Visit Monica’s J. Foster for information.

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