Tax Entrepreneur Tiffany Washington is Today’s Honoree

TiffanyWashingtonMaryland-based business owner,
Tiffany Washington is special because she has never been limited by the barriers
or perceptions of others, has persevered through difficult circumstances and gives back to the community.  With no prior
experience as a business owner in her early 20s and unemployed at the time, she started what is now a thriving accounting and financial services firm with close to 1,000 clients.

She does so with personal flair and style, along with professionalism, in what is usually
considered a ‘dull’ industry. As a result, she advises young people that they can accomplish anything they want if they put the effort into it and keep a strong focus.

Tiffany often has to overcome the perceptions of others, as they don’t expect their tax and accounting professional to be so slight in stature, have some tattoos and come across with a dynamic, fun personality. Tiffany is happy being who she is whether in business or a personal setting. When it comes to complex tax and accounting matters, Tiffany demonstrates tremendous expertise and earns the respect of her clients.

In 2009, Tiffany was named the Achievement Award winner by the National Association of the Self-Employed, which included a $30,000 award for her business accomplishments.  She is a big proponent of education and volunteers her time to teach Business Tax & Record Keeping courses at the College of Southern Maryland.

She was invited to the White House on multiple occasions to meet with President Obama
as part of small business briefings on healthcare and small business tax related issues.
Tiffany’s diverse professional background includes being a police officer in the U.S. Army and dancing with a professional troupe at Disney World and in Paris for the Millennial celebration.

Visit Tiffany Washington for more information.

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