Omega 3 Entrepreneur Joar Opheim Is Todays Honoree


Joar Opheim is a pioneer and visionary in the dietary supplement industry focusing exclusively on omega fatty acids and fish oil. Having been born and raised in Norway where the fishing industry is a crucial part of both commerce and academia, he has always been aware of the importance of pure omega-3 fatty acids in the diet.

Realizing the lack of quality fish oils in the United States when he first arrived in this country 20 years ago, Joar founded Nordic Naturals in 1995, a leading international supplier of innovative fish oil products to ensure the public of a quality and efficacious source of great-tasting fish oil supplements, unsurpassed in purity and freshness.

Raising the bar of goodwill, his ethical leadership has had an effect on the natural products industry, shifting the perception in the marketplace of not only how to conduct business truthfully and authentically but also bringing a new definition of fish oil quality as
it relates to purity, freshness, taste, and, most importantly, dosage. Joar is responsible for several patented fish oil technologies that include flavoring, taste, delivery, and processing that have helped shape the standards for a country and industry that had no guidelines in place.

Nordic Naturals has the largest portfolio of Omega-3 products in the world with over 150 different fish oil products, including liquids, soft gels, effervescent technology and children’s

An Omega-3 Success Story

Purity of Vision and Mission: Entrepreneurs know how important it is to “create” and maintain the category that they are entering. Here is how Mr. Opheim did this. Nordic Naturals has always been the industry leader in omega-3 products by offering the purest raw materials, processed with innovative manufacturing procedures that are patented. All raw material and product are 3rd party tested for purity and freshness. Joar helped create the standards for the fish oil industry during the early 90s, which most companies now adhere to. Nordic Naturals participates in scientific research studies that are non-solicited from quality universities and the company places a high priority on education – always leading the industry and setting the standards. Nordic Naturals maintains a strong “green” and “socially responsible” platform throughout the organization and its outreach primarily because Joar has always lived in this important values space. Their headquarters in California is Gold Leed certified. Nordic Naturals is a transparent company and customers feel trust and confidence because of this.

Values-Based Marketing: Marketing is most powerful when it is derived from living one’s true values. Joar believes in truthful marketing and being humble in the public eye. He believes that first and foremost you need to support your customers, whether they are selling your product or using your product. His grass roots efforts of educating both store personnel and the end user created a strong brand that has always delivered far more than just a product.

Success by Evolution: A true success is one where you always try to exceed your best efforts.  As an entrepreneur, Mr. Opheim continues to command excellence. Whether it is GMPs or quality vendors or green standards, he works and works to ever improve the final outcomes. For this reason, Nordic Naturals products continue to live on the cutting edge of innovation and efficacy – a true gift for creating a healthier and happier world.

Visit Joar Opheim for more information.

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