Mr. “Walk Like A King” Jesse Cole is Today’s Honoree

WalkLikeAKing“Our youth are stuck in the hub of life and death and they don’t know which way to go. Many have forgotten how to dream and are left empty and dissatisfied with the alternatives that society relentlessly thrusts upon them. I understand those anxieties. I believe that leadership starts with a personal conviction that you have the power, authority, influence, and strength to change the climate of your environment. My goal is to provide young people with advice that they can build on. I am committed to exploring inter-generational relationships and I believe that it is a very important component in discovering the thread of connectivity between us all.”

Respected as “a voice for today’s generation”, Jesse has proven that he is a thought leader and a source of substance. He has published several books on personal development and executive produced the Maximize Your Greatness DVD project. Jesse uses his influence to help teenagers live the type of life that is far above what they could ever imagine. His message helps youth to transform their attitude, boost their self-esteem, overcome peer pressure and enhance their leadership ability. For over a decade, Jesse has worked as a youth counselor, basketball coach, and certified deputy instructor. His motto is K.I.N.G: Keep Investing In The Next Generation.


If there was ever a time when young men needed guidance and direction, the time is now. Nestled in between their destiny and their demise, they don’t know which way to go. With so many fathers opting to abort their responsibility, our son’s are left to discover themselves through the eyes of tainted resources. This book is their answer to questions about: Integrity, Self-Control, Goal Setting, Love, Personal Hygiene, Spirituality, Community Service and Education. Walk Like A King: The Young Man’s Guide To Conquering The World was written specifically with the young man in mind. It addresses real life issues with practicality and offers clearly outlined solutions from a male perspective. The imbedded workbook gives the reader an immediate opportunity to implement what they’ve learned and they can track their development with ease.

Visit Jesse Cole for more information.

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