Autism Advocate Lynette Louise is Today’s Honoree

LynetteLouiseAs the single mom of eight now grown kids (she adopted six of my siblings, the four boys all being on the autism spectrum) she has worked tirelessly to insist on fairness, fun and actionable answers in the world. Specifically in the world of mental health. The list of things she does is endless. She is an author, play therapist, neuro feedback technician, speaker, podcast host, writer and performer of the one woman musical comedy CRAZY TO SANE, creator, host and expert for the international reality series FIX IT IN FIVE with LYNETTE LOUISE aka THE BRAIN BROAD, consultant to professionals and parents around the world, and loving mom.

All of this while getting her doctorate in Psychophysiology. My mom travels the globe as an in-home therapist to give families living with a brain disorders the tools and understanding that were hard learned and earned in our home. She shares with kindness, no judgments and an unmatched understanding of how to help entire families toward comfort and healing. And she never stops. Her bank account is always empty but her heart is always full. The world of autism has a global advocate that is uniquely qualified in Lynette Louise. And since the world of autism is, quite simply, the world we all live in, her efforts and dedication is felt by us all!!

Lynette Louise is a doubly board certified PhD candidate UNM: College of  Psychophysiology, whose greatest pride is having raised eight children, (six adopted, five disabled, four on the autism spectrum). Only one retains his label and remains dependent.

Born in Canada, Lynette moved to America in 1995. An expert in Autism, and on how to incorporate neurofeedback (biofeedback for the brain) as the main therapy approach for the autistic child, Lynette travels internationally as a therapist as well as performing and speaking on the subject.

Her one woman musical comedy show CRAZY TO SANE teaches with laughter, candor and toe tapping tunes. The show and the CD– are a collage of her life as the daughter of abuse and the mother of autism. With artistic splendor she weaves the learning of a lifetime into this entertaining and emotional show. She is the author of two books.

Her latest and most renowned being MIRACLES ARE MADE: A Real Life Guide to Autism. She is now also hosting the radio show A NEW SPIN ON AUTISM: ANSWERS!. Inviting surprising guests, together they explore topics (ranging from neuroscience to stand-up comedy) with fun and fascination until discovering useful autism answers.

Visit Lynette Louise for more information.

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