WebShark360 CEO Steve Mehr is Today’s Honoree

Steven-MehrSteve Mehr is an accomplished attorney and businessman, but more than that, he’s an incredible boss.  Steve has taken a small company and grown it overnight without sacrificing the people who made the company what it is today.  He continues to surprise us with his consideration for employees and attention to our personal needs.

It’s not easy managing so many competing personalities and juggling many different business balls in the air.  Yet Steve does it all with a smile on his face.  Steve cares about job satisfaction and comfort in the office.  When we feel stressed out, he surprises us with karaoke parties intended to make us smile. The sense of community we all feel in this job is a direct result of Steve.

He takes great interest in all of us and actively seeks to encourage our efforts and support our career goals.  In this competitive field, it’s often easy to forget about your employees’ satisfaction and instead focus on attracting cheap disposable talent. Steve generally eschews this kind of thinking and instead tries to focus on attracting top talent and making us feel like part of a larger goal, like we’re building something together.  We couldn’t ask for a better boss!

Biography/ About Steve Mehr:

Steve Mehr is the CEO of WebShark360, a premiere attorney marketing firm.  A skilled attorney, Steve built a thriving personal injury and workers’ compensation practice but noticed a critical need for attorney marketing.  After he sold his wildly successful practice, Steve came up with the idea of providing attorney marketing services to other attorneys who really had few options at the time.

As an attorney, Steve understood what so few marketing firms understood- how to market attorneys within narrow state bar guidelines to highlight attorneys without running afoul of the Bar.  Whereas other marketing firms were unaware of these potential minefields, Steve made a fundamental understanding of the law and of clients a central piece of his attorney marketing strategy.

As a result, WebShark360 has become extremely popular, becoming the preferred marketing vendor for national law firms.  Steve’s energy and enthusiasm is at the heart of WebShark360, driving the business forward.

Visit Steve Mehr for more information.

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