Food Addiction Advocate Phil Werdell is Today’s Honoree

PhillipWerdellPhil has been a Yale University Scholar of the House, and was awarded Corning and Fulbright Fellowships. He was an administrator and/or teacher at City University of New York, the College for Human Services, Campus-Free College, Kansas State University’s University for Man, the College of New Rochelle’s School of New Resources, and the University of New Hampshire Graduate School of Human Services.

He is the co-founder of ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services, and Director of ACORN’s Professional Training Program.

Phil Werdell has treated more than 4,000 desperate, out-of-control food addicts, most often in five-day group intensive sessions. All but a handful have left with control restored to a healthy discipline, and more than a third have experienced long-term recovery.

“I’m a patient from 1999, and am maintaining more than a 100-pound weight loss since then. Altogether, from my top weight, I’m maintaining 155-pound loss, but I was in trouble when I sought the help of his Acorn Food Dependency Recovery Services, and I’ve been stable ever since. Werdell is in his late 60s, if not early 70s, and somehow has never really been recognized for his talents. Lastly, I’m not a professional in this. I have no financial stake in this pitch, and am making it only for the stated reasons.”

Michael Prager

Books Authored and Co-Authored by Phil Werdell:

The Acorn Primary Intensive: A New Model of Professional Support

Bariatric Surgery and Food Addiction: Pre-Operative Considerations

Visit Phil Werdell for more information.

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