Lori Reynolds-Louis A Former Teen Mother is Today’s Honoree

LRLShe’s a statistic if she listens to others; Lori Reynolds-Louis was a teen mom and told that her life wouldn’t amount to anything. Lori successfully raised two wonderful men, but it was not easy. At times she had to rely on public assistance to put food on the table and clothes on their backs. Louis didn’t complete college, but she climbed the corporate latter to become a Vice President in the banking industry.

Lori left corporate America to become an independent consultant, where she managed multimillion dollar projects for several Fortune 500 companies. As a consultant, she has to be well polished, being well polished and a lover of makeup, Lori was living in makeup clutter madness.

One morning while putting her makeup on, she became frustrated digging through her cluttered makeup drawer and traditional makeup bag. Louis thought to herself, there has got to be a better way. She looked for something on the market to organize her makeup, but, didn’t find anything to fit her lifestyle, so Lori designed and patented her line of beauty and grooming cases. The name of her company, Mocha Moon comes from childhood conversations with her grandparents who encouraged her to reach for the moon. Mocha is the hand color of Louis’ role model that encouraged her as a child to dream as big as the moon.

Her oldest son is a college graduate and Louis youngest son is serving our country in the Navy. This former teen mom has come a long way; she’s CEO of her own company. Beauty industry experts, beauty editors, celebrities, and consumers are raving about Louis Perez Beauty Case. The Perez Beauty Case has been featured on CBS, ABC and in inTouch Weekly, Women’s World, and Essence magazine just to name a few. Lori’s company Mocha Moon won the LifeTime Moms/Tory Johnson Spark and Hustle small business grand prize.

Visit Lori Reynolds-Louis for more information.

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