Comic For Cancer Katy Franco is Today’s Honoree

katyFrancoKATY FRANCO is a Latina actress, comic, certified laughter leader, and breast cancer survivor/awareness activist. Diagnosed in 2005, she and her then-boyfriend, now husband, used creativity and humor to help her during her therapy. Now Katy uses humor to help others, especially Latinas (she is from Puerto Rico but lives in Los Angeles), by giving “Laughter, Cancer and ‘Chemorella'” workshops to women and children.

Katy and her husband, Ken Phillips, wrote a book, CHEMORELLA (Quimiorela is the Spanish title) together while Katy was being treated. It’s a Cinderella story whose heroine goes through chemotherapy for breast cancer. She finds her prince (named “Vince”), beats cancer, and has dreams come true. The book is beautifully illustrate and is bilingual, English and Spanish side by side. Katy also wrote and performs a hysterically funny, inspiring one-woman show called “The Breast Years of My Life.”  She debuted the English version in Los Angeles this year at the world-famous Laugh Factory, and has performed it in Puerto Rico and So. America since 2006.

She was featured in Women’s Health magazine (Oct. 2012), E!! News, and CNN en Espanol, among others. She has done recent laughter therapy workshops at Shriners Hospital for Children, Los Angeles, and the Latina outreach program of Cancer Support Communities Benjamin Center, and will do one at Ronald McDonald House in Pasadena this week! Katy Franco on E News – YouTube Katy Franco was featured on E! News on October 29, 2012.

Please visit Katy Franco for more information.

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