Strategic Leader Scot Faulkner is Today’s Honoree

ScotFaulknerScot has helped preserve 1,500 acres of historic land and led community commemorations of key historic events including the Centennial of the Second Niagara Movement (precursor to the NAACP), and the 50th Anniversary of the National Park.? He is also a Trustee for the Journey Through Hallowed Ground, which oversees the national heritage area from Gettysburg to Monticello.

Mr. Faulkner advises numerous corporations on strategic change and leadership and also works with governments and corporations in emerging economies. His articles on leadership, and management reform are published in The New York Times, The Washington Times, and various business publications. He has appeared on Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, CSPAN, FOX, NPR, PBS, VOA, and numerous talk radio programs.

Scot Faulkner was the first Chief Administrative Officer of the U.S. House of Representatives. His business-based reforms became a model for the operation of 44 national parliaments around the world and were named one of the /Top 100 Innovations in American Government/ by the Ford Foundation and Harvard University.

Mr. Faulkner has also held executive positions at the Federal Aviation Administration, the General Services Administration, and the Peace Corps.

Mr. Faulkner earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration from American University and a Bachelors Degree in Government from Lawrence University. He also studied at the London School of Economics and at Georgetown University.

In March 1988, Mr. Faulkner, along with the late Brad Nash (former Mayor of Harpers Ferry), founded Friends of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. The organization has preserved over 1,500 acres of historic and scenic land in the Harpers Ferry area and supported numerous park programs. In 1994, Friends of HFNHP received the Partnership Award from the Department of Interior for its role in supporting the 50^th Anniversary of the Park. In 2001, West Virginia Governor Bob Wise recognized Friends of HFNHP for its role in establishing Harpers Ferry Main Street. The group received its second Interior Partnership Award in 2006 for its role in the passage of Public Law 108-307, the expansion of the Park’s boundary.

Visit Scot Faulkner for more information.

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