Marithia Waters is Today’s Honoree

MarithiaWatersI’m nominating her because in the last two years she has experienced significant loss BUT, she is still standing strong.  In June of 2010 she lost her daughter Richeena Harper. Richeena died six days after her 21st birthday after having a fatal asthma attack.  She was simply heartbroken because it was so unexpected and sudden.  It was the most gut wrenching experience for her to decide to take her off of life support. There isn’t one day that goes by that she doesn’t cry for her daughter. Not one day that she doesn’t think about her. She misses her terribly (we all do). In April of this year tragedy struck once again, she lost her husband of 13 years Nathan Waters to a massive stroke.  I remember arriving at the hospital and walking into the waiting room. She looked up at me and said, “Gina, I can’t do this again! How am I going to tell my kids that there Daddy is gone!?” At that point she broke all the way down.

Needless to say she has had some really tough days. There are days when she wants to give up. I don’t believe she has been able to fully mourn their loss because she has had to continue to stay engaged so, that she can take care of her two younger children. On top of all that she has several medical issues that she must combat daily.  But, through it all she tells me, “I have to live for my kids.”

I want her to be honored because she is so much stronger than she thought she could ever be. This pain has pushed her to her knees and on her face before God. She gives Him all the credit for bringing her this far.

From her sister Regina Crider.

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