Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Jennifer Field is Today’s Honoree

Jennifer FieldJennifer Field is one of those rare people with an infectious personality – one that defines the human resilience, determination, hope, and aspiration. Having had many challenges in life, Jennifer has constructed five distinct life lessons, which make her extremely unique. Jennifer’s inspirational story, and lessons learned, will be invaluable tools for any organization, large and small.

“It was easily one of our best presentations in the twenty five years that we have been holding the conference!”

— Steven Wade, Executive Director,
Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire

Jennifer has gained resilience to overcome life’s most challenging obstacles and determination to improve the human condition against insurmountable odds. She has looked death in the eyes and turned her head in a new direction. Jennifer’s mission is to be of service and to continually spread her message of hope for a better day tomorrow. What is incredible about Jennifer, is her aspiration to never give up or give in. She sets a very high example for people in business and in life to use her characteristics to create personal and professional success.

“Jennifer’s extraordinary outcome must be recognized as one that can only come about with persistence and immense strength of character. Her relentlessness has been stunning. She is a great example.”

— Henry Betts, MD
Past Medical Director, President & CEO Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

At age 17, Jennifer had her sights set on the Olympics as a world class equestrian rider, when it all came crashing down following a near fatal car accident that left her comatose and brain damaged. Unable to walk, talk, or eat on her own, over the next ten years Jennifer battled physical, mental and emotional obstacles to regain her life and independence. Against all odds, Jennifer fought back and graduated Magna Cum Laude From Wheaton College, to become a sought after professional speaker.

Jennifer’s 20-30 keynote speeches at corporate and industry association meetings, medical societies and conferences each year inspire, motivate, and move a variety of audiences to think differently about Brain Injury, gain introspection into their personal and professional challenges and opportunities, and how to seize the very essence of the human spirit to overcome obstacles.

A contributor to The Manual of Traumatic Brain Injury Management by The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Jennifer is the president of the J. Field Foundation, which focuses on providing aid, hope and inspiration to suffering families of brain injury victims.

Visit Jennifer Field for more infromation.

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  2. Dixie Coskie says:

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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