Entrepreneur Flora Brown is Today’s Honoree

FloraDr. Flora Brown has successfully combined an extensive wealth of knowledge about writing, publishing, teaching and entrepreneurship into a thriving book coaching business. She is the author of “Color Your Life Happy: Create the Success Abundance and Inner Joy You Deserve”. She is also the author of several e-books including “How to Get Unstuck, Regain Confidence and Resume Following Your Dream”.

Her blogs, Color Your Life Happy and Color Your Life Published contain valuable tips, resources and tools to help you live joyfully and get your book written fast. Flora Brown’s career as an entrepreneur began around age 10. She sold her handmade potholders to the patrons of her mother’s beauty shop while they sat captive under the dryer or waited their turns. From then on she was hooked on earning money from her creative endeavors.

As she listened to the conversations of the patrons waiting their turns under hair dryers, she formulated her life plan to never settle for less than she deserved and to follow her dream. Determined to take a path that intrigued and empowered her, Flora taught junior high through university levels, operated a private tutoring program, operated a gift basket business, organized a few business networks, and with her husband raised four children along the way.

When she retired as Professor Emeritus from Fullerton College she expanded her travels before becoming an author, speaker, radio host and coach. Her passion is inspiring people to make choices that lead to their happiness. Her motto is “No one becomes somebody without the help of somebody else.”

Visit Flora Brown for more information.

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