Martial Arts and Fitness Expert Master Al Agon is Today’s Honoree

Master Agon began training in Martial Arts back in 1975 and since then has trained extensively both in sports and fitness. He has a true passion for human development and helping people excel beyond their own self- imposed limitations.As founder of Perfect Balance, he develops programs that train the body, mind and spirit. Master Agon combines the best of eastern training and western innovation.His exclusive method binds his knowledge of martial arts and fitness into a holistic training approach, allowing all of his programs to develop students into leaders with the determination to reach their goals.  The amazing results that his method is able to achieve has allowed him to appear on numerous television shows, workshops and as a guest instructor at the finest spas in South Florida, in addition to his nationwide activity as teacher and mentor.

Master Al Agon has searched for and trained with the best teachers of each discipline. His personal journey around the world has brought him to Perfect Balance, where many students join him to learn the concept of “perfect balance.” He believes this to be the only way to true happiness and success.  Master Al Agon’s scientific approach to training guarantees success whether clients are striving to lead the next triathlon, take their management team to the next level or just get fit.Through Perfect Balance Martial Arts and Fitness, Master Agon and his team offer a free Leadership Community Outreach Program to all private and public schools in the Miami area.

The program is designed to empower children, make them confident and exercise different leadership qualities that they will use later on in the workforce. The program also touches upon anti-bullying techniques that children can use and also teaches other students to stand up against bullying, versus being a bystander. In addition, the teachers are also taught different methods of combating bullying.

Perfect Balance Martial Arts and Fitness also partners with different tutoring programs, occupational therapists, psychiatrists as well as kid-friendly extracurricular activities that nourish a child’s psyche. As a studio, they also take students on a variety of educational
outings, for example to Barnes and Noble to encourage reading and exercising the brain.

Visit Master Al Agon for more information.

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