Meridane Design CEO Dane Short is Today’s Honoree

Dane Short the CEO of Meridane Design started his first business days after graduating from UNLV with a degree in marketing. Dane took a concpet that his Mother created and developed a line of unisex, multilingual, interactive empowerment jewelry with infinite possibilities. The idea better known as the Hidden Meaning Symbol, contains every letter of the alphabet and every number hidden within it.

Dane works closely with his family as they have expanded from their beginnings in Durango, CO to an up and coming nationwide commodity. Inspired by the TOMS Shoe’s one-for-one model, Dane and his family gift out an acrylic Hidden Meaning Pendant to a child in the hospital for every one sold. Dane currently lives in Austin, TX.

The Hidden Meaning Symbol was ‘accidentally’ created when company Founder Sally Short was doodling, and wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ stacking each letter on top of the next, and then adding a peace sign to complete the design.

Sally then sent the design off to be cast as a ‘Love and Peace’ pendant. But something happened when the Short family received the pendant; they randomly saw it sitting sideways and noticed a ‘K’ popping out.

“There is no ‘K’ in the phrase LOVE IS ALL U NEED,” commented Sally’s Daughter Merida. That motivated the family to see what other letters they could find and they ended up uncovering EVERY LETTER of the ALPHABET and EVERY NUMBER hidden within the symbol!

The Short Family decided to create a line of Interactive Empowerment Jewelry based around the Symbol. The fact that this ONE SYMBOL contains every letter of the alphabet means that you, or the person who receives it as a gift, can S-P-E-L-L out a personal message while wearing it. The message can change and evolve with the person or remain consistent. Set your intention for the day or use it to spell out important names, dates, phrases and goals. The possibilities are endless.

For every Symbol sold – one is gifted to a Children’s Hospital. HIDDEN MEANING Symbol™ is a thought provoking conversation piece which can lift anyone’s spirit, in the best or worst of times.

“We had no idea that this symbol would become so powerful to so many people,” said Dane Short, CEO of his family’s business. “We sell the symbol to men and women ages 9 to 90! It’s a unisex, multilingual, interactive piece of jewelry with infinite possibilities.”

“This symbol is a sign of the times,” commented Sally. “Everybody on this earth is united and unique. 1,000,000 people could be wearing the exact same symbol but it would mean something different & unique to each of them.”

Visit Dane Short for more information.

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